In the last few years the hospital has been able to upgrade most of the facilities, due to very welcome, and very necessary assistance from donor organisations.


Reliable supply of electricity is a necessity for any hospital. Unfortunately the supply of electricity in Malawi is erratic. Often there are power cuts, sometimes taking even more than two days at a time. Sometimes babies are born during blackout by the light of a phone. Laboratory, theatre and respirator equipment cannot do without electricity. With sudden and long lasting blackouts patients lives are threatened.

Thanks to several donors the hospital has been provided with a solar electricity system that provides a reliable supply of electricity, and is bringing down the cost of fuel needed for back up generators. Money that can be better spent on patient care. Three Dutch organisations have provided 10.000 euro each: Goede Doelen Stichting Talent, Stichting Imelda-Nolet and Stichting de Carolusgulden. The total amount of 30.000 euro was enough to buy the solar system. Eki Fundacion from Spain has done all the technical preparations, bought the materials, organised transport and has installed the system together with the hospital technicians in October 2020.


Pregnant women come to the hospital some time before delivery is expected so that they do not have to travel when delivery pains are starting. They also bring a guardian to look after them and to cook and wash for them. All these women are staying next to the hospital in the women’s shelter. this shelter haD become too small. Women sometimes had to sleep outside, or on the veranda of the hospital, where they were not safe.

Thanks to three different sponors from The Netherlands the women’s shelter has been extended and new latrines have been built.

The Dutch Foundation Protestants Steunfonds donated 1.000 euro and Boels Zanders Advocaten 3.500 euro. The Jos en Mien Kersten Foundation provided the remaining amount of 6.500 euro.


The male and female wards were in dire need of renovation. With the kind assistance of the Spanish organisation Manos Unidas, these general wards have undergone a transformation. Since March 2020, our patients are staying in a clean and healthy environment with good showers and toilets.


The biggest department of Mua Mission Hospital has been completely renovated, thanks to the assistance of KFW Germany. From the early stages of pregnancy to the under-five clinic, mothers and children are cared for. With limited means but with dedication and love, child mortality rate is very low.


This ward is for children from the age of 2. Most common cases are severe malaria, malnutrition, meningitis and pneumonia. Per month between 140 and 185 children are admitted here. The paediatric ward has recently been fully renovated, thanks to the financial assistance of KinderMissionsWerk from Germany.


In August 2019 a new borehole has been drilled, in September 2019 a new pump installed, through the assistance of Formidable Joy. Shortages of water, making it necessary for the hospital to go and fetch water at the village boreholes, are now in the past, making a huge difference to the workload.


A new theatre has been built with the assistance of KFW Germany. It has state of the art equipment in the two operation rooms.


The laboratory has also been renovated. Thanks to donations from KFW Germany the laboratory is now able to diagnose all common illnesses. Patients do not have to be referred any more to other hospitals on this account. Patients can be treated immediately, and do not have to travel (many patients do not have the financial means to travel to other hospitals).