Loving care, excellent quality, continual improvement and good governance are the core values of the staff and administration of Mua Mission Hospital.

The most important aspect of the administration of Mua Mission Hospital is to have enough trained personnel,  especially medical staff, people who know to perform their work well and are willing to assist our patients with the right treatment in a loving and caring manner.

Mua Mission Hospital is a non-profit making health facility which provides a service, excellent medical care, to the people who are generally very poor. They depend on home based farming for their living. That is why fees have to be as low as possible.

In order to assist our patients we need to purchase drugs and medical supplies. Prices are high, and costs of fuel, electricity and maintenance do not correspond with the income that our patients can provide. Therefore the financial situation is very challenging to the administration.


Father G. BwembaChairperson
Father I. MwazambumbaSecretary
Father V. ChimchengaBoard member, Treasurer-General
Father C. MuhinezaBoard Member, Chairperson Health Advisory Committee
 Board Member, Christian Health Association Malawi
Mr. C. MwabweraBoard member
Dr. Regina ChimenyaDistrict Health Officer Dedza
Mr. R. NgalandeBoard Member, Health Coordinator Dedza Diocese
Dr. H. ChakanikaBoard member
Dr. F. NkungulaBoard Member
Mrs. MlavaBoard member
Mrs. MangitsaBoard member
Mr. KantikiBoard Member, Magistrate Salima Judiciary
Mr. DenguleBoard Member


Principal Hospital AdministratorFather I. Mwazambumba
Principal Medical OfficerDr. Mrs. W. Kumwenda
Principal Nursing OfficerMr. C. Sandram
AccountantMrs. S. Chimbalanga
Father Isaac Mwazambumba


The 2019-2023 Strategic Plan for Mua Mission Hospital forms the foundation upon which all future planning frameworks will be build. It outlines the vision and mission of Mua Mission Hospital and the successes and challenges that the hospital is facing and the necessary strategies that need to be realized in order to attain the vision and mission. It seeks to find sense of direction, improve decision making and performance and improve use of resources.

The Implementation Programmes set the targets to be realized, with budget and time frame for each year and considering the financial challenges. Mua Mission Hospital holds annual reviews, reporting and planning sessions. All key departments hold quarterly progress and planning meetings.


To ensure effective implementation of the Strategic Plan, a Quality Improvement Support Team has been mandated to oversee the development of annual work plans and budget, monitor implementation and prepare progress reports to the Board of Governors and management.

Currently this team consist of 18 persons, with the matron, Mr. Sandram as chair. All the heads of departments are also part of this team.


The Health Advisory Committee is the link between hospital management and the patients of the hospital. This committee specifically represents the people who have issues in addressing the management of the hospital. Concerns of patients are brought to the attention of the management and if the management wants to communicate to the people, they go through the Health Advisory Committee.

It is a very important committee for mutual understanding of operations of the hospital as well as of what people have to know about how to behave and what to do at the hospital. The committee also resolves conflicts and/or misunderstandings that arise between hospital staff and patients. The Health Advisory Committee is engaged on sensitization campaign issues for example at the outbreak of diseases.

The Health Advisory Committee also initiates own projects. The recently erected fence around the hospital is an initiative of the committee. The committee found a donor and a contractor to build the fence to ensure the safety of the hospital and the patients and as an infection prevention by keeping out straying animals.

The committee is composed of the parish priest, TA Kachindamoto, all Group Village Headmen and the Member of Parliament of this region. The committee meets quarterly, just before the Board meetings. As the chairperson is also a member of the Board, he brings the issues of the committee to the attention of the Board.

Father C. MuhinezaChairperson, Mua Parish Priest
Mr. A. TchokaVice Chairperson
Mr. W. MsokaMember
Mr. S. BinaliMember
GVH BwanaliMember
Mr. J. MbangaliMember


Workshop with part of Mua Mission Hospital staff

Mua Mission Hospital is very much in favour of further capacity building of the staff of the hospital. Patients attendants, hospital attendants and other support staff are, when doing well, encouraged and supported to go for training, to become nurses, clinical officers or drivers. Medical staff is encouraged to increase their skills by sending them to courses to increase specific skills, to seminars and refresher courses. Team building is important for a good working environment and for quality health care. Every morning each department has a handover meeting about current cases. During monthly departmental meetings staff is encouraged to bring challenges beyond their capacity before the management. Team building activities, also outside the working place, are encouraged and supported by the management.