In the last 2 years the hospital has been able to upgrade part of the facilities, due to very welcome, and very necessary assistance from donor organisations.

Apart from these successes Mua Mission Hospital still faces many challenges. There is great need for (financial) assistance to be able to give the community the health care that is so desperately needed. The patients are very poor. Therefore fees for health care have to be kept also low. The government is paying wages but for new investments in the infrastructure Mua Mission Hospital stands on its own.

The patients of Mua Mission Hospital, who belong to the poorest population in the world, and the overburdened but dedicated staff would be very grateful for any help indeed.


Mua Mission Hospital is in great need of doctors. Any assistance from doctors or medical students, for long or short periods, would be very welcome. Mua Mission Hospital has several good Clinical Officers. Volunteering doctors or medical students would be welcomed to work together with the Chief Medical Officer or the Clinical Officers, teaching them at the same time more skills.

There is also need of specialist services: a surgeon, and an orthopaedic, ophthalmic and ear-nose-throat specialist.


Old latrines

Pregnant women come to the hospital some time before delivery is expected so that they do not have to travel when delivery pains are starting. They also bring a guardian to look after them and to cook and wash for them. All these women are staying next to the hospital in the women’s shelter. Unfortunately this shelter has become too small. Now women sometimes have to sleep outside, or on the veranda of the hospital, where they are not safe. The women’s shelter has to be extended and new latrines have to be built.

The total cost for extension of the women’s shelter and for building new latrines is 11,000 Euro. The Dutch Foundation Protestants Steunfonds already donated 1.000 euro. Boels Zanders Advocaten from The Netherlands have donated 3.500 euro. The hospital is still looking for the remaining amount of 6.500 euro.


Reliable supply of electricity is a necessity for any hospital. Unfortunately the supply of electricity in Malawi is erratic. Often there are power cuts, sometimes taking even more than two days at a time. Sometimes babies are born during blackout by the light of a phone. Laboratory, theatre and respirator equipment cannot do without electricity. With sudden and long lasting blackouts patients lives are threatened.

The hospital will be provided with a solar electricity system, that can provide a reliable supply of electricity, and will bring down the cost of fuel needed for back up generators. Money that can be better spent on patient care. Three Dutch organisations have provided 10.000 euro each: Goede Doelen Stichting Talent, Stichting Imelda-Nolet and Stichting de Carolusgulden. The total amount of 30.000 euro is enough to buy the solar system. Eki Fundacion from Spain has organised transport and is going to install the system and help with all the technicalities, as soon as the materials have reached Malawi.


The number of patients of Mua Mission Hospital is growing. Therefore more staff is needed. To be able to attract well educated and dedicated staff, more well built staff houses are necessary.


Mua Mission Hospital has two vehicles that are used as ambulances. These vehicles can carry people, but do not have any medical equipment. The hospital is looking for a (second hand) fully equipped ambulance, also to be able to refer severe cases to hospitals with more specialisms.


Mua Mission Hospital is short of funding for some of its basic services. These services are not paid for by the government or otherwise. The hospital needs funding for palliative care support, a service that is new to medicine in Malawi and supports a great need of the community.

It is a challenge for the hospital to be able to buy all the drugs needed. Any assistance would be very much appreciated.

More training of staff members and patient attendants is a heartfelt wish among the staff of Mua Mission Hospital. Most of the (supportive) staff need upgrading and extra training to be able to work in accordance to the mission of Mua Mission Hospital: to provide loving and quality health care to the (very poor) people of the surrounding communities.