The pharmacy dispenses essential medicine to both outpatients and in-patients. It also dispenses palliative care drugs (e.g. liquid morphine) and drugs for HIV/AIDS patients at the Hope Clinic.

Anti-malaria drugs, palliative care drugs, drugs for HIV/AIDS patients and drugs against sexually transmitted infections are given to all patients free of charge. The hospital ensures that drugs after expiring date will not be provided. Most common described drugs are Lumefantrine, Artemether (LA), Amoxycillin, Metronidazole, Ceftriaxone, Benzylpenicillin, Gentamycin, Predinisolone, Diclofenac, Paracetamol and Ferous Sulphate.


The laboratory is well equipped, thanks to donations of KFW Germany. It provides rapid diagnostic tests like sugar, hepatitis, HIV, pregnancy, malaria, urine analyses and full blood count. It takes care of transfusion services, being able to do a complete blood donor screening. The haematology department does, amongst others, peripheral blood films, manual white cell count and sickle cell tests. The microbiology department is equipped with a TB microscope and conducts gene research, bacteria identification, CFS and sperm analyses.


The radiology department has good X-ray and ultrasound equipment, thanks to a donation from KFW Germany.


A new theatre has been built with the assistance of KFW Germany. It has state of the art equipment in the two operation rooms. Most common operations are Caesarian sections (free of charge for seropositive patients), operations necessary due to complications in delivery, ovarian cysts, pelvic abscess, hysterectomies, hernia repair and appendicitis.

I work in Mua Mission Hospital because….. I vowed to save lives

Ambulance services

The hospital is equipped with two transport vehicles. These vehicles can carry people, but do not have any medical equipment. The hospital is looking for a (second hand) fully equipped ambulance, also to be able to refer severe cases to hospitals with more specialisms.


Mua Mission Hospital has its own mortuary. It provides the service of minor embalming

Cost of services

The services for sexual transmitted diseases, TB,  Anti-Retro-Viral Diseases (HIV/AIDS) and high blood pressure drugs are free of charge. Mua Mission Hospital wants to keep fees for health care as low as possible. The patient population is very poor and hardly able to pay anything.