Mission & Vision


To witness the loving care and healing ministry of Jesus Christ through comprehensive health services that target the social, spiritual and physical healing to all people in accordance with the needs of the communities, call to compassion and having respect for dignity of the person regardless of their denomination or status in line with Catholic core values and principles.


Mua Mission Hospital exists to provide cost-sharing, non-discriminatory, affordable and quality health care services to all people in Bwanje Valley and beyond, following the healing Ministry of Jesus Christ and Catholic Social Teaching.


  • Endeavour to have effective, efficient and sustainable finance, investment and administrative policies, structures and systems.
  • Comprehensive, non-discriminatory, affordable and quality health care services are provided to all patients regardless of their sex, race, religion and status.
  • Facilitate improved pastoral care services for the sick.

my most intense experience during my work in Mua Mission Hospital was when I was able to save lives when there was a shortage of nurses and I handled more than 17 patients alone within one night


The Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023 outlines what the hospital is supposed to achieve in the next five years. Strengths and weaknesses have been identified in cooperation with administration, staff and stakeholders. The process of writing this Strategic Plan has been conducive to the dedication and team spirit of the staff.

An important part of the Strategic Plan 2019 – 2023 is the Implementation Plan. In this implementation plan the strategic goals are divided in tangible strategic objectives coupled to expected outcomes, timetable, responsible persons, partners and budget.

Step by step, the administration and staff of Mua Mission Hospital are determined to reach their goal: to become the most preferred referral hospital in Bwanje Valley that is technologically modernized and well equipped with adequate, well qualified medical and administrative staff, operating in a well secured and maintained spacious hospital, in order to uplift the social, physical and spiritual well being of the people around Mua Mission Hospital and beyond.