Mua Mission Hospital is embedded in a network of partnerships, ranging from governmental organisations like the Ministry of Health to international non-governmental organisations like UNICEF. The relationships with our partners are strong and highly valued. The hospital would not be able to function without working together with these partners.

Health Centres

Mua Mission Hospital functions as a referral hospital for eight  health centres in the area: Chigodi, Golomoti, Kaunda, Mganja, Mtakataka, Nakalanzi, Ngodzi and Police College. These health centres are under ownership of the Ministry of Health and refer complicated cases for further treatment to Mua Mission Hospital. The hospital signed a Service Level Agreement with the Ministry of Health about issues like the use of the ambulance, how to refer patients and about the staff of Mua Mission Hospital assisting in quality improvement of the health centres.

CHAM: Christian Health Association Malawi

Through CHAM, as an umbrella body for Christian Health facilities,  the Malawi government provides grants for salaries and allowances to the hospital employees. CHAM makes sure that rules and regulations of the Ministry of Health are implemented. They do audits on the Mua Mission Hospital administration and assist in pensions scheme administration (social welfare for employees), making sure to adhere to the rules of the Pension Act. They recruit and send employees to their facilities and organise trainings for medical personnel, either at Mua Mission Hospital or at their own training centres. They also conduct annual general meetings that involve all the health centres.

Ministry of Health

The Ministry of Health pays the basic salaries of the personnel of Mua Mission Hospital. They provide the regulations of all health facilities in Malawi. They handle legal issues and have to give permission if the hospital wants to recruit more health personnel. They also provide Mua Mission Hospital with books and leaflets to dispense to the patients. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the implementation of hospital standards. In a Memorandum of Understanding it was agreed that Mua Mission Hospital offers some services free of charge, with the Ministry of Health refunding 70% of the cost.

District Health Office

The Ministry of Health has delegated their responsibilities in the district to the District Health Office. Mua Mission Hospital is under the care of the District Health Office of Dedza. The District Health Office supervises all the facilities of the hospital. When referral is necessary, cases from Mua are always referred to Dedza District Hospital.

World Food Program (WFP)

The World Food Programm supports the supplementary feeding programme of Mua Mission Hospital.

They supply the hospital with food items like Likuni Phala, milk and beans, to be used in the NRU (Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit) to feed undernourished children.


UNICEF supports, hand in hand with the World Food Programme, the Outpatient Therapeutic Programme of Mua Mission Hospital. They target under five and malnourished children and provide them with medication and food items.

True Colors Trust through African Palliative Care Association (APCA)

This Trust is a Malawian NGO that assists patients on palliative care, especially in giving training sessions to the staff of Mua Mission Hospital. Palliative Care Association of Malawi (PACAM) is assisting in giving the training to the staff and to volunteers in the villages.

EGPAF: Elizabeth Glaser Paediatric Aids Foundation

This Foundation supports the implementation of quality improvement in HIV and TB with their expertise. They have a special interest in HIV paediatric patients.