There are five main departments at Mua Mission Hospital. The services of laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and theatre are supportive of all the departments. The preventive programmes are all encompassing and are also reaching out to the communities.

* Maternity, Labour
* Paediatric Ward
* General Ward
* Outpatient  Dep.
* Dental Clinic
* Private Wing

* Laboratory
* Radiology
* Pharmacy
* Theatre
* Ambulance services
* Mortuary

* Antenatal Care
* Under Five Care
* HIV Programme
* Nutrition

* Palliative care
* Health education
* Youth friendly health services
* IDSR Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response


The maternity ward is the biggest ward of Mua Mission Hospital. From the early stages of pregnancy to the under-five clinic, mothers and children are cared for. With limited means but with dedication and love, child mortality rate is very low. Every month on average 140 healthy babies are born in this department. Premature babies (on average 8 per month) stay with their mothers in the Kangaroo Care Unit, where they are cared for until they are over 2 kilograms. Sick babies are admitted into the Nursery Unit. The maternity department (over 210 admissions per month) is also responsible for HIV screening and cervical cancer screening. Seropositive patients are helped free of charge.

Next to the maternity ward is a women’s hostel. Women are encouraged to come to the hospital some time before the anticipated delivery date. They stay at the women’s hostel with a guardian. The personnel of the maternity ward takes care of these waiting antenatal mothers. Staying at the women’s hostel is free of charge for all women. Services are offered for free for those within our catchment area, with support from the Government of Malawi through a Service Level Agreement.


This ward is for children from the age of 2. Most common cases are severe malaria, anaemia (lethally low oxygen levels), malnutrition, meningitis and pneumonia. Per month around 140 children are admitted here.

I work in Mua Mission Hospital because….. I have a passion to serve patients


The general ward consists of a ward for female and a ward for male patients, with 80 admissions per month and pneumonia, diabetes, hypertension and malaria as most common cases. There is also a separate ward for contagious diseases, most commonly cases of (suspected) TB.

For the guardians of the patients in the general ward there is a separate guardian’s hostel.


In the Outpatient Department per month 1,500 patients are welcomed by patient attendants who escort them to the right department. Clinical Officers see the patients for consultation, prescribe drugs, refer to laboratory or radiology when necessary and do minor surgeries. They are also responsible for admittance into the right department of the hospital.


A dental clinic offers services on a daily basis.


Mua Mission Hospital has a private wing with single rooms en-suite for private patients.