Mua Mission Hospital

Mua Mission Hospital is the principal referral hospital within a poor and remote rural area. The hospital has a capacity of 140 beds and serves a population of approximately 28,000 people.

Eight health centres refer to Mua Mission Hospital for complicated cases of patients or for further diagnosis. This means Mua Mission Hospital covers a catchment area of approximately 1500 km2 with a population of more than 130,000 people.

Recently the hospital has been under renovation. The paediatric ward, labour ward and general ward have been renewed, a new theatre and laboratory with state of the art equipment have been built. Under a new administrator the hospital is being modernized and made financially healthy.

Administration and staff are dedicated to serve their patients with loving care and committed to continuous quality improvement. With minimal technical support they work together to get the best possible results. They meet with lots of challenges on a daily basis. They are reaching out for assistance to be able to improve the health care of Mua Mission Hospital to international standards.


Mua Mission Hospital is a non-profit making health facility. It offers health services in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the Christian Health Association of Malawi (CHAM). Mua Mission Hospital provides comprehensive, non-discriminatory, affordable and quality health care services, regardless of sex, race, religion and status.

“My best memory of working in Mua Mission Hospital was when I saved a new born child that people thought had died.”


Mua Mission Hospital was opened by Missionary Religious Sisters in the early years of missionary activities in 1911. The Missionaries of Africa realised the need to provide both spiritual services and services to physical human needs. Therefore, with the help of the religious sisters, they opened Mua Mission Hospital. Now the Diocese of Dedza is the Legal Holder and Trustee of Mua Mission Hospital.

Since the opening of the hospital a lot of extensions have been made and departments have been established in order to better serve the patients. Because of the distances that people cover to reach the hospital, local health facilities were opened. As a result Mua Mission Hospital became a referral hospital to eight health centres. 


Mua Mission Hospital is situated on the Lake Shore of Lake Malawi in the area of Traditional Authority Kachindamoto, the Eastern side of Dedza District which is in the Central Region of Malawi.  It boarders Salima District Health Office (DHO) and Dedza District Health Office (DHO) which are at a distance of approximately 60 km and 65 km respectively.